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The idea is to provide 1-1 collaboration between contacts and many-many
collaboration via MUCs, using Telepathy DBus Tubes over Jabber/XMPP.
-First stab is at 1-1 contact channels, hopefully MUCs can be realized using
-the same TeleConference abstraction.
To enable configure LibO with --enable-telepathy
Currently (2012-04-14) at least telepathy-glib 0.18 is needed, which doesn't
@@ -19,7 +16,7 @@ cp -p $HOME/usr/lib/libtelepathy-glib.* $SRCDIR/solver/$INPATH/lib/
If you have a Telepathy-enabled LibreOffice installed to /usr (including
liboapprover) you may also want to install the .service and .client files to
-make everything service-activatable:
+make everything service-activatable. Currently this does not seem to work.
mkdir -p $HOME/.local/share/telepathy/clients
ln -s $PWD/tubes/LibreOffice.client \
@@ -31,86 +28,41 @@ make everything service-activatable:
$PWD/tubes/org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Client.LibreOffice.service \
-Otherwise, you need to make sure liboapprover and a Telepathy-enabled
-LibreOffice are running.
-* Demo modes
-This allows you to play with the interposing without having a telepathy
-enabled setup:
+* liboapprover
- INTERCEPT=demo ./soffice -calc
+You may run it in the background. When someone wants to collaborate with you,
+you then get a confirmation dialog.
-Create a bit of a document, type 'saveas' with spelling auto-correction
-disabled, and bingo.
+* Demo modes
+To play with the interposing without having an online account connected, create
+a bit of a document, go to File -> Collaboration -> startDemoSession and bingo.
-* Status 2012-03-23:
* To do interesting things with this code build and run calc thus:
- SAL_LOG=1 LIBO_TUBES=slave ./soffice -calc # user one
- SAL_LOG=1 LIBO_TUBES=master ./soffice -calc # user two
- hope that a nasty race-condition doesn't occur during startup:
-which is flagged by "we are supposed to handle only one channel" you
-hit it: bang - just try again.
- you also require only a single jabber connection enabled (in
-empathy) and to have your opponent added and approved on both sides.
+ SAL_LOG=1 ./soffice --calc
- Now type simple strings into cells, rename sheets, or type
-'saveme' to transfer your document as-is to the other side ...
+ Now type simple strings into cells, rename sheets, or go to
+ File -> Collaboration; Listen; startBuddySession;
+ to transfer your document as-is to the other side ...
-* Status 2012-03-20:
-* no LibO code depends on this module yet, so it is not built in a regular
- build, even if configured with --enable-telepathy, so cd tubes and make here
- * to enable the various SAL_INFO and SAL_WARN messages emitted during
- cppunittest pass SAL_LOG=... and do a debug build
- * SAL_LOG="+WARN+INFO.tubes" make -rs debug=true
- * the cppunittest will currently fail anyway (even if it wouldn't for other
- reasons), this is on purpose to be able to see the output as otherwise it
- is silenced down ... :-(
* for the cppunittest needed:
* Configure two Jabber accounts in Empathy
* Both must be online and on each other's contact list
* Copy qa/test-config.ini.example to qa/test-config.ini, and specify those
two accounts' JIDs in it.
-* very nasty GMainLoop handling for cppunittest, HOPEFULLY we will get rid of
- that in a real LibO
-* working:
- * contact channels are setup
- * tube is offered/accepted
- * packets are sent and received
-* cleanup code to use a refcounted single instance thats holds mpAccountManager
- and stuff and actually releases them, instead of statics
-* TeleManager should be a single instance, not holding any account information;
- instead, the start...Session() methods should also get the account passed
-* implement master/slave mode in 1-1 buddy conferences, master would do strong
- ordering
-other TODOs:
+* TODOs:
-* associate a document with a conference
- * use SfxObjectShell as an abstraction and broadcast incoming changes?
- * use UNO API?
- * first setup just to get something working could share a document
- accessible by all parties on a network share or some such
- * may need one master responsible to save the document
- * later document transfer will be needed, use Telepathy File Transfer
+* TeleConference is not deleted anywhere
* dialog to pick own account
* dialog to pick contact or MUC to work with
* dialog to accept/reject collaboration requests
+* make the .service and .client files work reliably
In applications, e.g. Calc: