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authorMichael Meeks <>2012-05-22 17:42:59 +0100
committerMatúš Kukan <>2012-07-17 16:40:10 +0200
commitbfb7015446053b18c0e683ce7a943a519959dd80 (patch)
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tubes: cleanup abstraction, and add in-process demo mode
Pass const rtl::OUString &s around instead of random pointers. Allow sc/ to build and work without telepathy enabled. Add aforementioned demo mode hack.
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diff --git a/tubes/inc/tubes/manager.hxx b/tubes/inc/tubes/manager.hxx
index 9aef84706354..1aba675c0ab0 100644
--- a/tubes/inc/tubes/manager.hxx
+++ b/tubes/inc/tubes/manager.hxx
@@ -158,7 +158,7 @@ public:
void sendFile( rtl::OUString &localUri, TeleConference::FileSentCallback pCallback, void* pUserData);
- boost::signals2::signal<void ( rtl::OUString &localUri )> sigFileReceived;
+ boost::signals2::signal<void ( const rtl::OUString &localUri )> sigFileReceived;
/// Only for use with MainLoopFlusher
GMainLoop* getMainLoop() const;