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Extend loplugin:external to warn about classes
...following up on 314f15bff08b76bf96acf99141776ef64d2f1355 "Extend loplugin:external to warn about enums". Cases where free functions were moved into an unnamed namespace along with a class, to not break ADL, are in: filter/source/svg/svgexport.cxx sc/source/filter/excel/xelink.cxx sc/source/filter/excel/xilink.cxx svx/source/sdr/contact/viewobjectcontactofunocontrol.cxx All other free functions mentioning moved classes appear to be harmless and not give rise to (silent, even) ADL breakage. (One remaining TODO in compilerplugins/clang/external.cxx is that derived classes are not covered by computeAffectedTypes, even though they could also be affected by ADL-breakage--- but don't seem to be in any acutal case across the code base.) For friend declarations using elaborate type specifiers, like class C1 {}; class C2 { friend class C1; }; * If C2 (but not C1) is moved into an unnamed namespace, the friend declaration must be changed to not use an elaborate type specifier (i.e., "friend C1;"; see C++17 [namespace.memdef]/3: "If the name in a friend declaration is neither qualified nor a template-id and the declaration is a function or an elaborated-type-specifier, the lookup to determine whether the entity has been previously declared shall not consider any scopes outside the innermost enclosing namespace.") * If C1 (but not C2) is moved into an unnamed namespace, the friend declaration must be changed too, see <> "elaborated-type-specifier friend not looked up in unnamed namespace". Apart from that, to keep changes simple and mostly mechanical (which should help avoid regressions), out-of-line definitions of class members have been left in the enclosing (named) namespace. But explicit specializations of class templates had to be moved into the unnamed namespace to appease <> "explicit specialization of template from unnamed namespace using unqualified-id in enclosing namespace". Also, accompanying declarations (of e.g. typedefs or static variables) that could arguably be moved into the unnamed namespace too have been left alone. And in some cases, mention of affected types in blacklists in other loplugins needed to be adapted. And sc/qa/unit/mark_test.cxx uses a hack of including other .cxx, one of which is sc/source/core/data/segmenttree.cxx where e.g. ScFlatUInt16SegmentsImpl is not moved into an unnamed namespace (because it is declared in sc/inc/segmenttree.hxx), but its base ScFlatSegmentsImpl is. GCC warns about such combinations with enabled-by-default -Wsubobject-linkage, but "The compiler doesn’t give this warning for types defined in the main .C file, as those are unlikely to have multiple definitions." (<>) The warned-about classes also don't have multiple definitions in the given test, so disable the warning when including the .cxx. Change-Id: Ib694094c0d8168be68f8fe90dfd0acbb66a3f1e4 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Stephan Bergmann <>
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diff --git a/test/source/sheet/xactivationbroadcaster.cxx b/test/source/sheet/xactivationbroadcaster.cxx
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--- a/test/source/sheet/xactivationbroadcaster.cxx
+++ b/test/source/sheet/xactivationbroadcaster.cxx
@@ -26,6 +26,8 @@ using namespace com::sun::star::uno;
namespace apitest
class MockedActivationEventListener : public ::cppu::WeakImplHelper<sheet::XActivationEventListener>
@@ -41,6 +43,7 @@ public:
virtual void SAL_CALL disposing(const lang::EventObject& /* xEventObj */) override {}
void XActivationBroadcaster::testAddRemoveActivationEventListener()