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ScriptForge - (SF_Calc) accurate sheet name checkHEADmaster
The parsing of sheet names and range addresses has been reviewed to include the exact rules for sheet naming: must not be empty must not contain []*?:/\ must not use ' (apostrophe) as 1st and last character Additionally (ScriptForge only) it must not contain "~" which, by convention, indicates the active sheet. The code accepts exotic sheet names like: "$" "$Sheet99" "$Sheet'99" "$.Sheet'99" "!'@#$%^&()-_=+{}|;,<.>""" and exotic addresses like: "'$'.A1" "'$Sheet99'.A1" "'$Sheet''99'.A1" "'$.Sheet''99'.A1" "'!''@#$%^&()-_=+{}|;,<.>""'.A1" Target is to match completely the Calc constraints for writing formulas and sheet names.. The same rules are applicable evenly for user scripts written either in Basic or in Python. Change-Id: I759d7700152a3d811b89f156c4d9eee0071c2a7e Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jean-Pierre Ledure <> Reviewed-by: Jean-Pierre Ledure <> Tested-by: Jenkins
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