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Resolves: fdo#66924 switching to master view is broken
It seems 0143805a565418d2a114c16b7eeba3b784176d9e wanted to not call SfxShell::Activate from ViewShell::Activate and removed that call and added an explicit SfxShell::BroadcastContextForActivation(true) (which is the body of SfxShell::Activate) to OutlineViewShell::Activate for the case where it was apparently wanted. Then DrawViewShell::Deactivate had the call to ViewShell::Deactivate removed persumably to avoid calling SfxShell::Deactivate via ViewShell::Deactivate But with ViewShell::Deactivate omitted switching to master view is broken, it does quite a lot more than call just SfxShell::Deactivate Restore the call of ViewShell::Deactivate from DrawViewShell::Deactivate and remove the call of SfxShell::Deactivate from ViewShell::Deactivate and put its equivalent of SfxShell::BroadcastContextForActivation(false) into OutlineViewShell::Deactivate to balance OutlineViewShell::Activate regression since 0143805a565418d2a114c16b7eeba3b784176d9e Change-Id: I5175378af6a6527a8be4d5011f13029d028b4304 (cherry picked from commit 4a578dc9c7b9c5697f624807790565c99ccb919d) Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
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