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to find my previous attempt at this, which only obscured the problem <noelgrandin> I'm such an idiot <noelgrandin> I changed a whole bunch of code to avoid calling const methods on a non-const object <noelgrandin> from p->foo() to std::as_const(*p).foo() <noelgrandin> can you spot the mistake? <bubli> Is this a job interview question? :D <vmiklos> noelgrandin: you did the opposite, now you always call const member functions, while you wanted to always call non-const member functions? <noelgrandin> more like a "why didn't the smart people on this channel tell me I was an idiot" :-) <noelgrandin> in this case, we have o3tl::cow_wrapper, which overrides operator* and operator-> <vmiklos> ah, and by the time you would add/remove the const, cow_wrapper already did the expensive task of copying based on const/non-const <noelgrandin> exactly <thorsten> heh Change-Id: I5366e6a87c414b862668b61e6adfbccfdd9d3b04 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Noel Grandin <>
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