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INTEGRATION: CWS native147 (1.4.14); FILE MERGED
2008/04/23 21:08:52 obr removed CDE integration as CDE in Solaris has been EOLed 2008/04/23 20:26:47 obr #i88334#,#i61569#,#i62176# removed /etc indirection and package database check for office install location
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diff --git a/sysui/desktop/solaris/depend b/sysui/desktop/solaris/depend
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--- a/sysui/desktop/solaris/depend
+++ b/sysui/desktop/solaris/depend
@@ -5,6 +5,3 @@ P SUNWcsu Core Solaris, (Usr)
P SUNWcsd Core Solaris Devices
P SUNWcsl Core Solaris, (Shared Libs)
P SUNWloc System Localization
-P SUNWdtdte Solaris Desktop Login Environment
-P SUNWdticn CDE icons
-P %pkgprefix-brand Brand module for %PRODUCTNAME