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authorRĂ¼diger Timm <>2009-01-23 07:37:03 +0000
committerRĂ¼diger Timm <>2009-01-23 07:37:03 +0000
commit112245bcc447d7d64d2106f132ccc8c344fbb664 (patch)
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#i10000# Patch from CWS ause099 to work around incapability of 'pkgmk' to handle large files system. Advice 'pkgmk' not to use df to determine available disk space, instead provide some limit with '-l' option. Choosen arbitrary limit is 1024^3 blocks which means 500 GByte.
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diff --git a/sysui/desktop/solaris/ b/sysui/desktop/solaris/
index 23076ec7fcca..427545619532 100644
--- a/sysui/desktop/solaris/
+++ b/sysui/desktop/solaris/
@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ $(PKGFILES) : $(MISC)/{$(PRODUCTLIST)}/{copyright pkginfo depend mailcap postins
$(PKGFILES) : $(MISC)$/{$(PRODUCTLIST)}$/prototype
@-$(RM) $(BIN)$/$(@:f)
@$(MKDIRHIER) $(@:d)
- pkgmk -r . -f $(MISC)$/$(@:b:b:s/-/ /:1)$/prototype -o -d $(PKGDIR) ARCH=$(PKGARCH) VERSION=$(PKGVERSION.$(@:b:s/-/ /:1)),REV=$(PKGREV).$(PKGDATESTRING)
+ pkgmk -l 1073741824 -r . -f $(MISC)$/$(@:b:b:s/-/ /:1)$/prototype -o -d $(PKGDIR) ARCH=$(PKGARCH) VERSION=$(PKGVERSION.$(@:b:s/-/ /:1)),REV=$(PKGREV).$(PKGDATESTRING)
$(FASPAC) $(SOLARBINDIR)/ -a -d $(PKGDIR) $(@:b:b:s/-/ /:1:s/.//)30-desktop-int
@tar -cf - -C $(PKGDIR) $(@:b:b:s/-/ /:1:s/.//)30-desktop-int | gzip > $@
@rm -rf $(PKGDIR)/$(@:b:b:s/-/ /:1:s/.//)-desktop-int30