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re-base on ALv2 code. Includes:
Patches from Herbert Duerr: #i118925# fix old word-boundary emulation #i119031# preserving ASCII in ignore-* transliterations allows full SIMPLE_TRANS_MASK #i118887# ignore zero-length matches in regexp search fix transliteration flags for search pattern preprocessing fix minor typo in comment improve standard conformance regarding unicode UAX#29 word boundaries emulate word boundary matching of old regex engine The new ICU regex engine has much improved unicode capabilities. The old regex engine had the extensions \< and \> for matching word boundaries. For the convenience of a smooth upgrade experience these artifacts now get mapped to \b which is supported by almost all regex engines. #i118723# fill in regexp matcher group details use ICU regexp instead of LGPL i18nregexp #i119031# default to preserve ASCII in ignore-width transliteration
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