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Remove smb from X-KDE-Protocols lines
smb was included in the set of supported protocols since those X-KDE-Protocol lines got introduced with 673be8e76856c6bc39f448f3374db4ae84258952 "add X-KDE-Protocols," but as discussed in the mail thread starting at <> "X-KDE-Protocols=...,smb,...," actual support for smb URLs in LO under KDE is very fragile and typically requires further steps from the user (which vary across the various LO configure options, --enable-gio vs. --enable-gnome-vfs, and Linux distros) to work at all. So it is probably best to not unconditionally claim smb support in those X-KDE_Protocols lines at least in the vanilla LO sources (esp. since the TDF builds with --enable-gnome-vfs need a really weird OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=gnome workaround to make it work at all, cf. <> "Re: X-KDE-Protocols=...,smb,..."). Any Linux distros that are confident that smb support in LO under KDE reliably works for them can patch those lines locally. Change-Id: I1c247d85825c96f0d74efcce3003e327a1522fa3
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[Desktop Action NewDocument]