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... derives from instead of Only test that breaks with this change is jurt_uno/AnyConverter_Test, which for mysterious reasons effectively tests that IllegalArgumentException is a subclass of Exception and not RuntimeException. Presumably this is just a generic exception test that happens to use IllegalArgumentException. Some further testing indicates there are no problems expected at runtime: Running "make subsequentcheck" with all Java test code compiled against a ridl.jar that does not contain the change, running against a soffice that uses ridl.jar and rdbs with the change + ridl.jar with the change on the test side yields exactly the same AnyConverter_Test failure, with no other failures. Change-Id: Iad183de76ec7e0d56648084e97cdcc160b5b033d
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diff --git a/swext/mediawiki/src/com/sun/star/wiki/ b/swext/mediawiki/src/com/sun/star/wiki/
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--- a/swext/mediawiki/src/com/sun/star/wiki/
+++ b/swext/mediawiki/src/com/sun/star/wiki/
@@ -252,10 +252,6 @@ public final class WikiOptionsEventHandlerImpl extends WeakBase
throw r;
- catch ( e )
- {
- throw new WrappedTargetException( sMethod, this, e );
- }
else if ( sMethod.equals( sAdd ) )