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gbuild: WinResTarget: fix dep-target dependencies:
Windows specific fallout of 8b5a984d45005d3df1c89eae897d6e04612625d8, similar to 236055746ffe92ce3b2a7a9316b1083da046deb9; can be observed by building with "make check" from scratch, on the "subsequentcheck" target one res file depends on some lngconvex executable by way of a custom target in shell, which causes udkapi to rebuild itself before the make restart. Change-Id: I14f370a66f4ac5088da4af7eceede09f5a6bae84 (cherry picked from commit 8a05f1265e6307c34b2ffdb5fc5279870c8397b7) Signed-off-by: David Tardon <>
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