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Resolves: tdf#111943 really really limit the match, tdf#108292 follow-up
getRemainingCount() could deliver a wrapped around overflow value if mnIndex was already greater than the end index, which could happen if when/for non-matching larger block sizes were added, and if then a match was found behind those blocks a non-requested/unexpected index was returned, which in turn led to the assert() being hit in ScInterpreter::CalculateLookup(). In non-debug could result in an invalid block position access. This happened with the bug case document of tdf#111943 which in master can be loaded. Also, the start and end index are not dynamic and don't have to be recalculated each time, so make them const; column argument values are unused after. (cherry picked from commit 25b3806ac509006573e669acc33643af3bd77380) Change-Id: Ic294cade4e8e7828bee394e5ade61d7127be6bbb Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins <> Reviewed-by: Christian Lohmaier <>
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