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tdf#133142 UnoControlTabPageContainer: Handle tab property changes
In the model, changing a tab page's title or enabled/disabled status is done via methods 'XTabPageModel.setTitle' and 'XTabPageModel.setEnabled'. Changes to the title and enabled/disabled status are propagated to the tab page container containing the tab page (s.a. 25c692c2a94ab83c2c859ac5ab334b62ac8b825e ("ControlModelContainerBase: Use property for enabled status", 2020-05-15)). Make 'VCLXTabPageContainer' derive from 'XPropertiesChangeListener' and implement the 'propertiesChange' method defined in that interface to handle property changes for the tab pages and have 'UnoControlTabPageContainer' forward 'PropertyChangeEvent's to its peer so they can be handled there. This way, changes for those tab page properties via UNO are now properly updated in the UI as well. Change-Id: I6fa1fadf781575c4ad1d066aed9c3a651b10869d Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Michael Weghorn <>
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