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sw: fdo#39159 fdo#40482: temp selection print doc:
Ensure that the printing temp selection document is not destroyed prematurely by SwXTextView::NotifySelChanged, called via ViewOptionAdjustStop, by retaining the temp doc object shell not at the View but in SwRenderData. Not restoring the view options for selections does not actually work, because having a selection surprisingly does not imply printing a temp document: the preview also uses a selection. (view option regression from cd690d2e72be410058376c416a40ff5d918fb0f7)
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--- a/sw/source/ui/inc/view.hxx
+++ b/sw/source/ui/inc/view.hxx
@@ -641,8 +641,7 @@ public:
void NotifyDBChanged();
- SfxObjectShellLock & GetTmpSelectionDoc();
- SfxObjectShellLock & GetOrCreateTmpSelectionDoc();
+ SfxObjectShellLock CreateTmpSelectionDoc();
void AddTransferable(SwTransferable& rTransferable);