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fdo#50682: Setting DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH in python script appears unnecessary
...and apparently has negative consequences (system CFNetwork framework picking up LO libsqlite3.dylib instead of system one, as DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH overrides recorded installnames). Contrary to the old comment ("so that 'import pyuno' finds"), what setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Linux is still necessary for is so that python.bin (a stripped version of the python executable from external python module) finds, as it lacks an RPATH. ('import pyuno' finds apparently on PYTHONPATH, anyway, and in turn dlopen's libpython.{dylib,so} with full path.) (This might make dc82cf021f76ea83ff7a4bcb2d7525f2e111f0cc "Make PyUNO work --with-macox-version-min-required=10.6" irrelevant.) Change-Id: I1c3a6c61d4cc976d85956e587497a13a77689128 (cherry picked from commit a164d246f2ed941fbdef19ec5b47dac1bab25509) Signed-off-by: Caolán McNamara <>
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