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sw, viewing OLE objects: provide an 'Open' context menudistro/vector/vector-7.0-10.0
The menu items of the OLE object were disabled in protected mode. Allow the menu items in protected mode, now that commit 32842d4bf250bcab281eb71a218d618485c60290 (sw, viewing OLE objects: also protect "common" embeded objects, 2021-11-26) made sure that launching an OLE object in protected mode is only viewing, not editing. Note that the actual menu items are returned by IOleObject::EnumVerbs() as documented at <>, i.e. application-specific. MS Paint provides Edit=0, Open=1, so would be nice to filter out 0 to only show Open. But then e.g. PowerPoint provides Show=0 and Open/Edit is provided as 1/2. So don't filter out anything to be on the safe side when the editing application would only provide a single verb. (cherry picked from commit 09732cec4cf09b215784d140c37d3cfbc5b5b1ff) Change-Id: Ic452cec40d2dd978edfb661f049d7f55dbd2fb17
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