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(related tdf#134298) sw: layout: avoid infinite loop in InternalAction()
The condition IsInterrupt() && pPage && (m_nCheckPageNum != USHRT_MAX) isn't handled properly and the while loop will never terminate with the fix for tdf#134298 in several UITest_writer_tests*. If m_nCheckPageNum is set, then it must result in a call to CheckPageDescs() here; it's a member of SwLayAction so won't survive until the next idle layout invocation. There is a funny history of these loop conditions with commit 9eff9e699e17cc5a8a25895bd28dc8e4ceb8071e and cee296066ab780217395201ab84c2150c8840d25 so we can only hope this time we got it right... (cherry picked from commit 094ee3955ee81e1bc631d50cc216cbb17a777839) Change-Id: I91b63540bf4280296d747cb8e841594f8dd3b140
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