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tdf#134298 sw: layout: remove left-over page frame without content
Once tdf#138039 is fixed, this bugdoc has an additional empty page 3. This is because it first goes to 3 pages, and then the SwTextFrame on page does a MoveBwd, leaving behind a page frame with just a body frame and nothing else. It turns out that SwRootFrame::RemoveSuperfluous() only removes empty frames at the end of the document, but here there's a non-empty frame following it. Also, this function doesn't handle cases like right/left page styles so it can't delete pages in the middle. SwFrame::CheckPageDescs() doesn't remove page frames that don't have content, it only removes those that have the intentionally-empty flag set. Extend CheckPageDescs() to also remove page frames that don't have content, and make sure it is called when SwContentFrame::Cut() removes the last content from a page frame (it will be called after all pages are valid in SwLayAction::InternalAction()). (Alternatively it might be possible to prevent the problem from occurring in SwTextFly::ForEach() by ignoring the fly so that the first paragraph never leaves page 1, but we didn't explore that.) (cherry picked from commit b9ef71476fd70bc13f50ebe80390e0730d1b7afb) Conflicts: sw/qa/extras/layout/layout2.cxx sw/source/core/layout/pagechg.cxx Change-Id: I3a3f1efe6d7ed28e05dc159a86abc3d702cc272b
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