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toolkit: mark AccessibleScrollBar:XAccessibleEventBroadcaster as a known issue
JunitTest_toolkit_unoapi_1 started to fail for me recently in toolkit.AccessibleScrollBar, though only when ran via 'make check' or 'make toolkit.subsequentcheck', not via 'make JunitTest_toolkit_unoapi_1' when other junit tests of toolkit are not running. Provided that, it's quite hard to debug the exact problem, but it seems VCLXAccessibleScrollBar doesn't implement XAccessibleEventBroadcaster itself, but via comphelper::OAccessibleContextHelper, which perhaps explains why 4 other components have their XAccessibleEventBroadcaster interface tests disabled already. In any case, disable the XAccessibleEventBroadcaster test for AccessibleScrollBar till it's clear if it's the test that is poor or if there is a real problem here. Change-Id: I2de618c11e445e4e6111c7ae0d1d8feef11fd9d3
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