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tdf#124601 sw: add ContinuousEndnotes layout compat option
Writer has two cases for laying out endnotes: either they are at the end of the section or are on a separate endnote page at the end of the document. Word always puts endnotes as continuous content at the end of the document, not on a separate page. Given that this continuous / separate page behavior difference seems to be not part of the ODF or OOXML file format and neither UI allows to configure this, the best way to resolve this looks like a new layout compat option. At a layout level, the "endnotes at the end of the section" code is close to what we need, we just need to make sure that: 1) Endnotes are never moved backwards, even if their reference moves back. 2) When appending an endnote, they should go to the footnote container on the last page, not close to their reference. With this, the page number in Word and Writer now match for the bugdoc. Change-Id: I6fd0ee191e001d7c3a6df46d5e9fe8d7eb0327dc Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <> Tested-by: Jenkins
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