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tdf#58944 DOCX import: workaround for hidden table headers
Repeating table headers consisted of more than 10 table rows switch off table header repetition during DOCX table import to fix non-visible table content and broken tables. Repeating header lines are not visible in MSO, if there is no space for them. OOXML (and ODF) standards don't specify this exception, and unfortunately, it's easy to create tables with invisible repeating headers in MSO, resulting OOXML files with non-standardized layout. To show the same or a similar layout in LibreOffice (instead of a broken table with invisible content), we use a reasonable 10-row limit to apply header repetition, as a workaround. Later it's still possible to switch on header repetition or create a better compatible repeating table header in Writer for (pretty unlikely) tables with really repeating headers consisted of more than 10 table rows. Note: This workaround could help to create standard and more portable OOXML files in a mixed environment. Change-Id: I17fbc0173ec1c4f188a46227b99dde5726530da3 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: László Németh <>
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