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tdf#114939 package,comphelper: Try both real SHA1 and StarOffice SHA1
... when importing ODF documents. In CreatePackageEncryptionData(), add a 3rd SHA1 password hash, PackageSHA1CorrectEncryptionKey, to EncryptionData. Use it in ZipPackageStream::getDataStream(), which has 3 fall-backs for SHA1 bugs now. Also add a CorrectSHA1DigestContext, to be used together with PackageSHA1CorrectEncryptionKey, and rename the existing one to StarOfficeSHA1DigestContext, to be used together with the existing 2 PackageSHA1{UTF8,MS1252}EncryptionKey. The fallback won't be used very often anyway: for the password SHA1 to be wrong, you need a password between 52 and 55 bytes long, and for the SHA1/1K checksum to be wrong, you need a file smaller than 1K with compressed size mod 64 between 52 and 55; all XML files have enough random "chaff" added to be too large. Test that we can read both correct SHA1 and StarOffice SHA1. Change-Id: I988fa489b5e40c7657f404f18538f637d54d28f1
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diff --git a/sw/qa/extras/odfexport/odfexport.cxx b/sw/qa/extras/odfexport/odfexport.cxx
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--- a/sw/qa/extras/odfexport/odfexport.cxx
+++ b/sw/qa/extras/odfexport/odfexport.cxx
@@ -384,6 +384,16 @@ DECLARE_ODFEXPORT_TEST(testFramebackgrounds, "framebackgrounds.odt")
+DECLARE_SW_ROUNDTRIP_TEST(testSHA1Correct, "sha1_correct.odt", "1012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890", Test)
+{ // tdf#114939 this has both an affected password as well as content.xml
+ getParagraph(1, "012");
+DECLARE_SW_ROUNDTRIP_TEST(testSHA1Wrong, "sha1_wrong.odt", "1012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890", Test)
+{ // tdf#114939 this has both an affected password as well as content.xml
+ getParagraph(1, "012");
DECLARE_ODFEXPORT_TEST(testOOoxmlEmbedded, "oooxml_embedded.sxw")
uno::Reference<text::XTextEmbeddedObjectsSupplier> xTEOSupplier(mxComponent, uno::UNO_QUERY);