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sfx2: related tdf#56270: loss of embedded objects imported from DOCX
After the import some of these are kept in RUNNING state. For Math objects imported from MathType3 OLEs in particular, first a new Math object is created and stored to the XStorage, only then is the MathType3 stream imported. This means the Math object is modified and contains data that must be stored. The problem is then that SfxObjectShell::ImportFrom() simply calls setModified(false), clearing the flag without storing the object. For Flat ODF export we lose all the objects that are cached in sw's SwOLELRUCache; for the bugdoc something more inexplicable happens for ODT export where we lose "Object 214" (which is the first one in the cache) but no other ones. (The main difference is that for ODF there is an optimization to copy the embedded object's storage without loading the object, but for Flat ODF every object must be loaded and exported.) (regression from 83777cd6e0f3f1a4458af896fd13344c696ecb1e) (cherry picked from commit d81d104833f0ee9349ebcd0d79d2de84ba9a7262) Change-Id: Id1474fba9f4da2d5247c7ff4dc6819ddb9829fe8 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins <> Reviewed-by: Caolán McNamara <> Tested-by: Caolán McNamara <> (cherry picked from commit b21bb8d7b3808eee06320b634e11e3a4ab217839)
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--- a/sw/qa/extras/odfexport/odfexport.cxx
+++ b/sw/qa/extras/odfexport/odfexport.cxx
@@ -68,10 +68,40 @@ public:
return pResetter;
+ if (OString(pFilename) == "2_MathType3.docx")
+ {
+ std::unique_ptr<Resetter> pResetter(new Resetter(
+ [this] () {
+ mpFilter = "writer8";
+ std::shared_ptr<comphelper::ConfigurationChanges> pBatch(
+ comphelper::ConfigurationChanges::create());
+ officecfg::Office::Common::Cache::Writer::OLE_Objects::set(20, pBatch);
+ return pBatch->commit();
+ }));
+ mpFilter = "OpenDocument Text Flat XML"; // doesn't happen with ODF package
+ std::shared_ptr<comphelper::ConfigurationChanges> pBatch(
+ comphelper::ConfigurationChanges::create());
+ officecfg::Office::Common::Cache::Writer::OLE_Objects::set(1, pBatch);
+ pBatch->commit();
+ return pResetter;
+ }
return nullptr;
+DECLARE_ODFEXPORT_TEST(testMathObjectFlatExport, "2_MathType3.docx")
+ uno::Reference<util::XModifiable> xModifiable(mxComponent, uno::UNO_QUERY);
+ CPPUNIT_ASSERT(!xModifiable->isModified());
+ // see preTest(), set the OLE cache to 1 for this test
+ // and the problem was that the formulas that were in the cache
+ // (the second one) were lost
+ OUString formula1(getFormula(getRun(getParagraph(1), 1)));
+ CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL(OUString(" size 12{1+1=2} {}"), formula1);
+ OUString formula2(getFormula(getRun(getParagraph(2), 1)));
+ CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL(OUString(" size 12{2+2=4} {}"), formula2);
DECLARE_ODFEXPORT_TEST(testFramebackgrounds, "framebackgrounds.odt")
//Counting the Number of Frames and checking with the expected count