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don't fail on export of ooo96040-2.odt to docx
If we want to close a cell of a table which encloses another table, then close that enclosed table first. These are pretty pathalogical old-school tables. For now assume this can only occur when the row of the enclosed table is cleanly closed and assert if that isn't the case. Change-Id: I28e4d40072cb8d92be361716e82574075b15dd89
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@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ define sw_ooxmlexport_components
chart2/source/controller/chartcontroller \
comphelper/util/comphelp \
configmgr/source/configmgr \
+ dbaccess/util/dba \
drawinglayer/drawinglayer \
embeddedobj/util/embobj \
filter/source/config/cache/filterconfig1 \