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fdo#79249 call formula compiler with error stringlibreoffice-4-2
... instead of attempting to stringize a NaN coded error value. Regression introduced with 30a20743ae17e6e02183a65603d38968253b3ffb (cherry picked from commit 994607b55104b9ae4554554c13b001b8d5d513b6) construct grouped ScFormulaCell with bDirty=true, fdo#79249 related Noticed when loading with fdo#79249 fix where oox::xls::applyCellFormulas() groups the consecutive =#N/A formulas. Only A1 result was displayed, other cells were displayed empty. (cherry picked from commit a1dc5e97da273bf35d58d54e625149022569a993) correct error string, #N/A instead of #NA (cherry picked from commit 758755e31b3d9e1ed2eab522d4794282178346ac) implement an actually working setErrorCell() from BIFF error codes (cherry picked from commit ca9a81b2ca858b82e863e1e6f917928916fea79e) Change-Id: Ia7a8ca39938820ac75db169404446fa696c6ee1b 3a541f74d3d25e1515a1c6d47f02ec6a8e817c93 15019072b6e812b9ffe29d3ee6afacd9ab526948 67b8fc324779875ba14e2d69204c40fe27cc180e Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Caolán McNamara <> Tested-by: Caolán McNamara <>
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