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authorMaxim Monastirsky <>2014-05-11 02:21:23 +0300
committerMaxim Monastirsky <>2014-05-14 12:39:42 +0300
commit584b415924bba22db23a4258062e54973de0ed7c (patch)
tree6c1ee8bbbca7f20c61193710a99a6d4399d26d90 /svx/source/tbxctrls/colorwindow.hxx
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Keep only one class for toolbox color controls
instead of 5 (mostly identical) classes. Also the following bugs were fixed: * All pickers now use split buttons. (fdo#45671) * Color palette now indicates the current color. (fdo#73891) (Previous changes related to that bug are reverted as part of this commit.) * Selecting a color from a float panel now updates the button. (fdo#77683) * For Font color/background color in Writer, the color that is shown on the button, is always the one that's actually used. (Can be a different color after hiding the toolbar.) * For Font color/background color in Writer, the button now indicates when we're in the format paintbrush mode. (Removed in 085e8a07e61ef2d3a82e11094d8773ab17cfdb3c for some reason.) Change-Id: Idb4829552240c52fb0882aca627c8177bbe2f839
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diff --git a/svx/source/tbxctrls/colorwindow.hxx b/svx/source/tbxctrls/colorwindow.hxx
index e099f1a6751b..3aad292a7071 100644
--- a/svx/source/tbxctrls/colorwindow.hxx
+++ b/svx/source/tbxctrls/colorwindow.hxx
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ private:
const sal_uInt16 theSlotId;
SvxColorValueSet aColorSet;
OUString maCommand;
- const Color mLastColor;
+ Link maSelectedLink;
DECL_LINK( SelectHdl, void * );
@@ -55,8 +55,7 @@ public:
sal_uInt16 nSlotId,
const ::com::sun::star::uno::Reference< ::com::sun::star::frame::XFrame >& rFrame,
const OUString& rWndTitle,
- Window* pParentWindow,
- const Color rLastColor = COL_AUTO);
+ Window* pParentWindow);
virtual ~SvxColorWindow_Impl();
void StartSelection();
@@ -64,6 +63,7 @@ public:
virtual void StateChanged( sal_uInt16 nSID, SfxItemState eState, const SfxPoolItem* pState ) SAL_OVERRIDE;
virtual SfxPopupWindow* Clone() const SAL_OVERRIDE;
+ void SetSelectedHdl( const Link& rLink ) { maSelectedLink = rLink; }