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tdf#141933 add preset dash styles with round cap
New OOXML-compatible preset styles weren't recognized on the UI, including the Drawing Object Properties toolbar and Line Style settings, if the preset styles use round cap, e.g. line styles with dot-like dots (i.e. not tiny squares as dots). As a workaround for interoperability and access to the line styles with dot-like dots, add "Rounded" version for every OOXML-compatible preset styles with round cap. This allows to apply dot-like dotted lines to new shapes, too. Background: round cap modifies the DotLen and DashLen values of the LineDash struct during the OOXML import, using ~zero values to get dot-like dots. For the details, see commit 3f3b50015e4fd9efc3459612a70409fca49cf390 "tdf#134053 tweak dash and space length for ooxml" and commit 24d770799660d3ec94ee7add435645794426042b "tdf#134128 Use Gdiplus::DashCapRound for round dash or dot". Follow of commit 183c06fc02a50fb117bb6162e4d6e56cdd34fad1 "tdf#139301 fix OOXML-compatible preset dash styles". Change-Id: I4f3173579964b2c00618ada475b012c85320f758 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: László Németh <> Reviewed-by: László Németh <>
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