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Silence external/boost deprecated std::iterator warnings with MSVC 2017
At least cl version 19.14.26433 generates such warning C4996 now. While the one about the using declaration in boost/iterator.hpp looks somewhat bogus, the one in boost/circular_buffer/details.hpp is about an actual use of std::iterator as a base class in Boost-internal code. If further such places in external/boost crop up that need fixing, an alternative approach could be to extend the external/boost/include/ wrappers to be also used with MSVC. (Globally setting _SILENCE_CXX17_ITERATOR_BASE_CLASS_DEPRECATION_WARNING has avoided, as it also finds uses in our own code that should be fixed, like 58222feb7fee0c08fb54b9ee29f8f0674c5cf508 "warning STL4015: std::iterator is deprecated (clang-cl)".) Change-Id: I6a41421a590fcee57b4ac8bcb7c3631fdfdecb81 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Stephan Bergmann <>
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