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Related: fdo#59182 stop SvxShowCharSet resizing itself
instead of resizing itself when given a size, leading to lots of flicker as the widget fights the layout, instead accept the given size, center the drawing in that area, and tweak the cell highlight drawing code to fill that extra gap space when edge cells are selected Change-Id: Iee0b44c0939cf32284907ad1fcd57e2e722837d4
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diff --git a/svx/inc/svx/charmap.hxx b/svx/inc/svx/charmap.hxx
index a244f3a35eb5..8f1ff765f78d 100644
--- a/svx/inc/svx/charmap.hxx
+++ b/svx/inc/svx/charmap.hxx
@@ -109,14 +109,14 @@ private:
::com::sun::star::uno::Reference< ::com::sun::star::accessibility::XAccessible > m_xAccessible;
long nX;
long nY;
+ long m_nXGap;
+ long m_nYGap;
sal_Bool bDrag;
sal_Int32 nSelectedIndex;
FontCharMap maFontCharMap;
ScrollBar aVscrollSB;
- Size aOrigSize;
- Point aOrigPos;
void DrawChars_Impl( int n1, int n2);
@@ -126,6 +126,7 @@ private:
DECL_LINK(VscrollHdl, void *);
void init();
+ Rectangle getGridRectangle(const Point &rPointUL, const Size &rOutputSize);