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n#793998 sw: add TabOverMargin compat mode
In case the right margin is larger then the tab position (e.g. the right margin of 7cm, there is a tab position at 16cm and right margin begins at 9cm), we have a conflicting case. In Word, the tab has priority, so in this conflicting case, the text can be outside the specified margin. In Writer, the right margin has priority. Add a compat flag to let the tab have priority in Writer as well for Word formats. This is similar to TabOverflow, but that was only applied to left tabs and only in case there were no characters after the tabs in the paragraph. (cherry picked from commit bdfc6363d66aa079512cc8008996b633f693fed1) Conflicts: sw/inc/IDocumentSettingAccess.hxx sw/inc/doc.hxx sw/source/core/doc/doc.cxx sw/source/core/doc/docnew.cxx sw/source/filter/xml/xmlimp.cxx sw/source/ui/uno/SwXDocumentSettings.cxx writerfilter/source/filter/ImportFilter.cxx Change-Id: Ib07abd5db1daa916b8b4d9530d09d4d0c4af026e
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