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Revert hrc string cleanup
This reverts mostly all of my hrc string cleanup commits. As Markus stated in dc05a825e71316e6f602e5c8dfcd3d10ecb6252f those are erroneous and mostly untested. And therefore absolutely unsave. I only did test them by compiling and checking the main screens. Cleaning those files seems to be much more complicated than I thought. So to be absolutely save I do this huge revert. Sorry for this. Revert "hrc cleanup: Further cleanup" This reverts commit 60212988e1cd84169afb028a4255b6f935f1fd4b. Revert "hrc cleanup: Remove unused strings" This reverts commit 0e2d7550dd287843b70c03dee952c02f9bd8afb5. Revert "hrc cleanup: Remove unused Strings in sfx2/source/doc/doc.hrc" This reverts commit efb74b5dfdb773ba53b29080e1996a93d2c1cac2. Revert "hrc cleanup: Remove unused Strings in cui" This reverts commit 527e8f61868210c54bdad650f16390bda03c4353. Revert "hrc cleanup: Remove unused Strings in desktop" This reverts commit ac3800fbb9f3251276302b24fa0542441276a34f. Revert "hrc cleanup: Remove unused cstitem.src" This reverts commit ae95e31831916df760503bfc2496b7bc55bc638b. Revert "hrc cleanup: Remove unused strings in wizards" This reverts commit 20f9a1744319ecdf18c9ab6d0873bb586eb4d03f. Revert "hrc cleanup: Remove unused Strings in sfx2" This reverts commit c26d4d34467008418ebf138412e87886694c326c.
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@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ $(eval $(call gb_SrsTarget_use_packages,svl/res,\
$(eval $(call gb_SrsTarget_add_files,svl/res,\
svl/source/misc/mediatyp.src \
+ svl/source/items/cstitem.src \
# vim: set noet sw=4 ts=4: