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-W4 must come before -Wno-missing-braces for clang-cl
...or else -W4 would re-enable that and cause lots of warnings/errors. 87608490f205b2fbc2b453ad8ded33050ac29b90 "filter arguments to MSVC to avoid the annoying D9025 warning" had changed the relative order of those options on the command line. Change-Id: I2ff9de93cdc6e3dc63961af61169f0adf44f7c0b Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Stephan Bergmann <>
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diff --git a/solenv/gbuild/platform/ b/solenv/gbuild/platform/
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--- a/solenv/gbuild/platform/
+++ b/solenv/gbuild/platform/
@@ -45,8 +45,8 @@ endef
# Avoid annoying warning D9025 about overriding command-line arguments.
gb_Helper_remove_overriden_flags = \
- $(filter-out -W4 -w -arch:SSE -arch:SSE2 -arch:AVX -arch:AVX2 -Od -O2,$(1)) \
$(lastword $(filter -W4 -w,$(1))) \
+ $(filter-out -W4 -w -arch:SSE -arch:SSE2 -arch:AVX -arch:AVX2 -Od -O2,$(1)) \
$(lastword $(filter -Od -O2,$(1))) \
$(lastword $(filter -arch:SSE -arch:SSE2 -arch:AVX -arch:AVX2,$(1)))