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Resolves: fdo#58998 insert section applied twice
regression since 0157f0b1ba364f7f9af2aacd1be9fbb5ddec2b4d my belief was that OK_Impl was only called in one place, in sw/source/ui/fmtui/tmpdlg.cxx, so I merged the use there into OK_Impl, but of course there was another use in sfx2/source/dialog/tabdlg.cxx Given that OK_Impl only called PrepareLeaveCurrentPage originally... a) replace OK_Impl in sfx2/source/dialog/tabdlg.cxx with PrepareLeaveCurrentPage, a no-op from the original state. b) add an Apply method that does what I want, i.e. call ok without closing the dialog, so we can retain the fix of fdo#38606 to have "apply" immediately apply the effect of pressing "ok" without closing and reopening the dialog Change-Id: I57e2e41c07ab9bf89ada98d1b9c3336db3493f19 (cherry picked from commit 8fd85527981e3a6a915192aaea6f1595ea9f037c) Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Noel Power <> Tested-by: Noel Power <>
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