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Fixed typos. No automatic tools (sed, and so on).
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diff --git a/smoketest/data/Basic/Standard/Test_Ext.xml b/smoketest/data/Basic/Standard/Test_Ext.xml
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--- a/smoketest/data/Basic/Standard/Test_Ext.xml
+++ b/smoketest/data/Basic/Standard/Test_Ext.xml
@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ Sub TestExtensions
&apos;Try to create the service which is contained in the now removed extension.
oTestExtension = createUnoService(cUnoSmoketestTestExtension)
- &apos;The service must not be available anymore. Therefor isNull must return true.
+ &apos;The service must not be available anymore. Therefore isNull must return true.
LogTestResult( &quot;Extension &quot;+ cMessageExtensionUninstall, IsNull (oTestExtension) )
Print #LocalTestLog, &quot;---&quot;