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INTEGRATION: CWS presfixes12 (1.8.12); FILE MERGED
2007/02/06 17:18:06 thb #i37778# Moved clear() method from View to ViewLayer (also sprites need to be cleared); fixed a few more cases of local code style violations; removed redundant inline keywords; finished Layer/LayerManager rework (Layer now represents ViewLayers, shapes and rendering are fully under LayerManager control); made shape comparator reusable 2007/01/29 14:02:01 thb Issue number: #i37778# Larger slideshow refactoring. Wrote design and coding style manifest, and adapted the code to actually conform to this. In detail: - cleaned up ownership/disposable/weak_ptr story. removed hacks and explicit Disposable implementations, where workaround were available - removed object mutices, where superfluous - reworked EventMultiplexer (using templatized listener class now), added more events. EventMultiplexer now serves as a true blackboard - reworked directory structure: disjunct parts are now physically separated into directories, instantiation happens via factories & abstract interfaces - added CursorManager, to make setting mouse cursor less hackish - reworked DrawShape, to implement SeparateListener pattern - reworked IntrinsicAnimationActivity, to avoid cyclic references - modified hyperlink & shape cursor handling to communicate via EventMultiplexer - renamed & cleaned up files (presentation.cxx now named slideshowimpl.cxx, etc.) - added first version of the z-order fix to layer/layermanager - cleaned up include guards and include syntax
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