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* Update helpcontent2 from branch 'master' to e9b5c5c090e4874daf878dd555329bfed6c07229 - tdf#132695 export of character highlighting to MS Word - improve help Added explanations of the consequences of choosing highlighting or shading for export to MS Office. Each choice has an advantage and a disadvantage, and these are inverse to each other, so seemed better to give clear information so that users can make an informed choice that is relevant to their situation, rather than try to recommend a better or preferred choice. Also: + added information about default setting in different LO versions because some users might have files exported with older LO versions. + added <tip> about using compatibility filter in "Character Highlighting Color" dialog box. Thanks to Justin Luth and Mike Kaganski for expert advice. Change-Id: I16c2df016c00ed60b18d9fddfbb3573f425a851d Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Seth Chaiklin <>
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