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let's own the packaged stuff by root:root again (fdo#67388)
We have started to use -fvisibility=hidden globally with GCC. The hacky does not work if the symbols are hidden. In addition, the library was renamed from to during gbuildisation; There was more location where it was not fixed; The result was that the packages and files in the Linux download tarballs were owned by some "ugly" user and group. Change-Id: I22f62b861c373f2553dcccc85a84dddabaf1f418
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@@ -14,6 +14,14 @@ $(eval $(call gb_Library_add_defs,getuid,\
+# the library is used by LD_PRELOAD; make sure that we see the symbols ;-)
+ifeq ($(COM),GCC)
+$(eval $(call gb_Library_add_cflags,getuid,\
+ -fvisibility=default \
$(eval $(call gb_Library_add_cobjects,getuid,\
setup_native/scripts/source/getuid \