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Turn PDF import from bundled extension to plain code
No need for dirty hacks linking in basegfx objects statically any more. To avoid unnecessary confusion between the newly plain code and any instance of the old extension still installed (per-user or shared), I renamed all relevant UNO implementation identifiers from* to org.libreoffice.comp.documents.*. Also, existing installations of the extension are explicitly not migrated to new user profiles. The xpdfimport executable is now in program/, its xpdfimport_err.pdf in share/xpdfimport/. To simplify finding the _err.pdf from xpdfimport, its full pathname is now given as additional second argument to xpdfimport. To find xpdfimport executable from CppunitTest, CppunitTest creates a symlink from solver's unittest/installation/program to solver's bin, so that "$BRAND_BASE_DIR/program/xpdfimport" works there (as CppunitTest now sets BRAND_BASE_DIR to solver's unittest/installation). The sdext/source/pdfipmort/dialogs/ Basic stuff appeared to be unused (even though it was included in the .oxt) and has been removed. The --disable-ext-pdfimport configure switch is renamed to --disable-pdfimport. Having it still conditional requires some pdf_Portable_Document_Format vs. pdf_Portable_Document_Format_import foo in module filter. Change-Id: Iee58c2f6187142a418decc9ea3a5df10eb7e0523
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@@ -55,7 +55,6 @@ $(eval $(call gb_StaticLibrary_set_include,pdfimport_s,\
$(eval $(call gb_StaticLibrary_add_defs,pdfimport_s,\
$(eval $(call gb_StaticLibrary_add_exception_objects,pdfimport_s,\