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authorThomas Arnhold <>2012-06-21 11:51:04 +0200
committerThomas Arnhold <>2012-06-21 11:54:18 +0200
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hrc cleanup: Remove unused defines
All of those defines (should) not be used at any point in the code. False positives may exist, because some macro names are getting generated by some template/macro foo. This is the version which compiled fine for me. Also there are many commented out lines removed. Change-Id: I6394024682e4ab3691eb72707a9363d41ba31df8
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diff --git a/sd/source/ui/annotations/annotations.hrc b/sd/source/ui/annotations/annotations.hrc
index d2969f91be41..0edd168ad150 100644
--- a/sd/source/ui/annotations/annotations.hrc
+++ b/sd/source/ui/annotations/annotations.hrc
@@ -54,11 +54,7 @@
#define BTN_NEXT 3
#define BTN_PREV 4
-#define TBX_TOOLBAR 1
#define FT_AUTHOR 1
-#define ED_AUTHOR 2
-#define FT_DATE 3
-#define ED_DATE 4
#define CT_TEXT 5