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an uno -> a uno
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diff --git a/scripting/source/provider/MasterScriptProvider.cxx b/scripting/source/provider/MasterScriptProvider.cxx
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--- a/scripting/source/provider/MasterScriptProvider.cxx
+++ b/scripting/source/provider/MasterScriptProvider.cxx
@@ -273,7 +273,7 @@ MasterScriptProvider::getScript( const OUString& scriptURI )
// we need to extract the value of location part from the
// location attribute of the script, if the script is located in an
// uno package then that is the location part up to and including
- // ":uno_packages", if the script is not in an uno package then the
+ // ":uno_packages", if the script is not in a uno package then the
// normal value is used e.g. user or share.
// The value extracted will be used to determine if the script is
// located in the same location context as this MSP.