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authorJuergen Funk <>2019-09-18 11:48:21 +0200
committerJuergen Funk (CIB) <>2019-10-02 09:43:12 +0200
commit2215be5268a646d3cc7d138a0184c6826585b7fb (patch)
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tdf#127711 - A runtime-switch for the MiniCrashDump
- in soffice.ini (sofficerc) the entry "CrashDumpEnable" default is "true" - when false then the Dump.ini and the dump-file are not written - when the switch --disable-crashdump is set, then the switch "CrashDumpEnable" set to "false" - when the entry "CrashDumpEnable" is missing, in this case is the default true, too - the checkbox under Options-General "Send crash reports to ..." is deactive and shows off (only view, not change the config) - when set the environment variable "CRASH_DUMP_ENABLE" to any char then the switch "CrashDumpEnable=false" are overrules with true and the Dump.ini and dump-file are write Change-Id: I34e7795640eb95d111e18b0ad46ec67b2c126b19 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Juergen Funk (CIB) <>
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diff --git a/scp2/source/ooo/common_brand.scp b/scp2/source/ooo/common_brand.scp
index 08e3b43df660..1209c5786fb5 100644
--- a/scp2/source/ooo/common_brand.scp
+++ b/scp2/source/ooo/common_brand.scp
@@ -439,6 +439,15 @@ ProfileItem gid_Brand_Profileitem_Soffice_CrashDirectory
Value = "${$BRAND_BASE_DIR/" LIBO_ETC_FOLDER "/" PROFILENAME(bootstrap) ":UserInstallation}/crash";
+ProfileItem gid_Brand_Profileitem_Soffice_CrashDump
+ ProfileID = gid_Brand_Profile_Soffice_Ini;
+ ModuleID = gid_Module_Root_Brand;
+ Section = "Bootstrap";
+ Key = "CrashDumpEnable";
+ Value = "true";
ProfileItem gid_Brand_Profileitem_Soffice_SecureUserConfig
ProfileID = gid_Brand_Profile_Soffice_Ini;
ModuleID = gid_Module_Root_Brand;