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Remove the need to manually register libs in scp2
- we have all the needed information in gbuild - reduce the amount of double and triple bookkeeping - hopefully the generated files for scp2 are only a intermediate step and we can do whatever perl voodoo scp2 does directly in gbuild - currently using basctl as an example - this also means we have to be more strict in with what we register: - if we dont build a libs, it shouldnt be registered (otherwise scp2 will want the nonexisting lib) - in the end, this is a Good Thing(tm): we dont want anyone trying to e.g. link against a lib we dont build - should now hopefully work on all platforms - added module bookkeeping to gbuild Change-Id: I241ca67edbfabae83859274f9aa35d2d26165ef6
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@@ -27,6 +27,8 @@
$(eval $(call gb_InstallModule_InstallModule,scp2/ooo))
+$(eval $(call gb_InstallModule_use_auto_install_libs,scp2/ooo,ooolibs))
$(eval $(call gb_InstallModule_define_if_set,scp2/ooo,\