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Calculate positions of cell-anchored objects upon ods import.
Since we no longer re-calc row heights on ods import, we need to do this manually, in order to position cell-anchored objects correctly. Previously we were getting this for free since the row height recalc code path did it as part of it. Change-Id: I8ab5dd1fe7cd8a45b7968e101c893b442d7ce132
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diff --git a/sc/source/filter/xml/xmlimprt.cxx b/sc/source/filter/xml/xmlimprt.cxx
index dcf37b4abe85..4f2ff595a12b 100644
--- a/sc/source/filter/xml/xmlimprt.cxx
+++ b/sc/source/filter/xml/xmlimprt.cxx
@@ -3101,8 +3101,11 @@ throw( ::com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException, ::com::sun::star::uno::RuntimeE
SCTAB nTabCount = pDoc->GetTableCount();
for (SCTAB nTab=0; nTab<nTabCount; ++nTab)
+ {
+ pDoc->SetDrawPageSize(nTab);
if (!pSheetData->IsSheetBlocked( nTab ))
pDoc->SetStreamValid( nTab, true );
+ }