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Make getXPathPosition assert on requested child found
Previously, for an XML like this: <sharedItems> <d v="2017-07-10T09:11:02"/> <d v="2017-07-10T09:11:03"/> <m/> </sharedItems> the call like int pos = getXPathPosition(pDoc, "/x:sharedItems", "absent"); gave 3. That could result in mistakes, when a test would assert on position "3" for a child element which name is mistyped. I made such a mistake when creating a unit test trying to assert on a position of the last element, and writing its name as "x:m", like in rXPath itself; the return was 3, and I initially wrongly assumed that the return is 1-based (like in xpath bracketed expressions). rChildName made const OString&, for consistency with rXPath, or with rAttribute in getXPath: child name is just a part of a longer xpath. Change-Id: I7ba9c4466c75b1b10fce1ccf26ef3b56b4e11e87 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Mike Kaganski <>
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