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authorGabriel Masei <>2020-09-02 19:22:23 +0300
committerJan Holesovsky <>2020-09-21 14:39:17 +0200
commit137440e161f0f8631e7e67ba0609680d6686fa94 (patch)
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lok: remove .uno:ModifiedStatus message from deduplication mechanism
This fixes the following issue in Online: When a save is performed while a cell is still edited the save icon does not reflect the correct state of the document: it shows that the document is dirty although it is not. This is generated by two facts: 1. The status cache is avoided when sending the -dirty- status right after the cell editing is finished. Because the cache has an old value of -false- for ModifiedStatus, the notification that is sent after saving, with -false- value, is ignored. We should not avoid the status cache. 2. Because there is a mechanism that keeps only the last notification value for a status change in the queue that keeps messages that were not sent yet (deduplication), the .uno:ModifiedStatus message with a value of -true- that is enqueued right after the cell edit is finished is replaced by the same message with a value of -false- that is enqueued after the save is finished. This happens if the flush mechanism doesn't occur between them. Change-Id: I3348bf230ba53a154c29e7d8ab064df7694adeae Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Jan Holesovsky <>
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diff --git a/sc/source/ui/view/tabvwsha.cxx b/sc/source/ui/view/tabvwsha.cxx
index 210500e651d9..211a047c9bb1 100644
--- a/sc/source/ui/view/tabvwsha.cxx
+++ b/sc/source/ui/view/tabvwsha.cxx
@@ -742,20 +742,25 @@ void ScTabViewShell::ExecuteSave( SfxRequest& rReq )
// Finish entering unless 'DontTerminateEdit' is specified, even if a formula is being processed
if (bCommitChanges)
+ SC_MOD()->InputEnterHandler();
if (comphelper::LibreOfficeKit::isActive())
// Normally this isn't needed, but in Calc when editing a cell formula
// and manually saving (without changing cells or hitting enter), while
// InputEnterHandler will mark the doc as modified (when it is), because
// we will save the doc immediately afterwards, the modified state event
- // is clobbered. To avoid that, we notify all views immediately of the
- // modified state, apply the modification, then save the document.
- ScInputHandler* pHdl = GetInputHandler();
- if (pHdl != nullptr && pHdl->GetModified())
- SfxLokHelper::notifyAllViews(LOK_CALLBACK_STATE_CHANGED, ".uno:ModifiedStatus=true");
+ // is clobbered. To avoid that, we need to update SID_DOC_MODIFIED so that
+ // a possible state of "true" after "InputEnterHandler" will be sent
+ // as a notification. It is important that the notification goes through
+ // normal process (cache) rather than directly notifying the views.
+ // Otherwise, because there is a previous state of "false" in cache, the
+ // "false" state after saving will be ignored.
+ // This will work only if .uno:ModifiedStatus message will be removed from
+ // the mechanism that keeps in the message queue only last message of
+ // a particular status even if the values are different.
+ GetViewData().GetDocShell()->GetViewBindings()->Update(SID_DOC_MODIFIED);
- SC_MOD()->InputEnterHandler();
if ( GetViewData().GetDocShell()->IsDocShared() )