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Try to blind-solve cppunittester hangs on Windows
... calling OleInitialize early in sal_main to initialize COM and concurrency. Seeing intermittent hangs in main thread in CAPNDataObject::GetData calling m_rIDataObjectOrg->GetData, and the inner stack waiting objects in the code doing apartment switching (I forgot to save a stack to paste unfortunately), I suspect that being related to incorrect concurrency model. OleInitialize docs [1] mention: Applications that use the following functionality must call OleInitialize before calling any other function in the COM library: * Clipboard * Drag and Drop * Object linking and embedding (OLE) * In-place activation ... Because OLE operations are not thread-safe, OleInitialize specifies the concurrency model as single-thread apartment. CoInitializeEx sets COINIT_MULTITHREADED by default, so possibly that might get called somewhere before clipboard/OLE code is called. I hope that this change would fix those hangs. [1] Change-Id: I7213c9d6cb4bd0691a3ce355995157797d7db93f Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Mike Kaganski <>
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