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authorEike Rathke <>2017-02-21 23:04:48 +0100
committerHenry Castro <>2017-05-03 13:37:01 -0400
commitcd343b2da25e902d5e6397cc3e43b28fd253bd62 (patch)
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this should be GetOrCreateCaption()
... as the caption object has to be created after the note was pasted from a clipboard where the caption was forgotten.. Change-Id: I9b04f0146a7609ac44973dc181fa2ab6b11295b9
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diff --git a/sc/qa/unit/ucalc.cxx b/sc/qa/unit/ucalc.cxx
index 5173473aa611..fabef735b873 100644
--- a/sc/qa/unit/ucalc.cxx
+++ b/sc/qa/unit/ucalc.cxx
@@ -5187,7 +5187,7 @@ void Test::testNoteLifeCycle()
pasteFromClip( m_pDoc, aPosB5, &aClipDoc2); // should not crash ... tdf#104967
ScPostIt* pNoteB5 = m_pDoc->GetNote(aPosB5);
CPPUNIT_ASSERT_MESSAGE("Failed to paste cell comment at B5.", pNoteB5);
- const SdrCaptionObj* pCaptionB5 = pNoteB5->GetCaption();
+ const SdrCaptionObj* pCaptionB5 = pNoteB5->GetOrCreateCaption(aPosB5);
CPPUNIT_ASSERT_MESSAGE("No caption at pasted B5.", pCaptionB5);
CPPUNIT_ASSERT_MESSAGE("Captions not different after Paste.", pCaptionB5 != pOtherCaptionB5);