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correct references after sort, fdo#79441
5c6ee09126631342939ae8766fe36083d8c011e3 introduced a different algorithm for reference handling during sort. Unfortunately that clashed with the SC_CLONECELL_ADJUST3DREL introduced a little earlier resulting in relative 3D references effectively being "adjusted" twice. Furthermore, in-sort-range range references to one row (or column) were not adapted to the move at all if the formula within the range listened only to ranges and not a single cell. Added collecting and adjusting area listeners for this. Last but not least, external (relative) references need to be treated the same as internal 3D references, making them point to the same location after the sort. (cherry picked from commit 69adec3ec051ff94f600ab899506ca9d645a8b56) Conflicts: sc/inc/types.hxx sc/source/core/data/bcaslot.cxx Plus necessary parts of 27182231acd3a0c9898a8dba78b76dc8a827b4c0 related to bcaslot changes. Change-Id: I492768b525f95f1c43d1c6e7a63a36cce093fa5a Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Kohei Yoshida <> Tested-by: Kohei Yoshida <>
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--- a/sc/inc/types.hxx
+++ b/sc/inc/types.hxx
@@ -100,6 +100,14 @@ struct RangeMatrix
typedef boost::unordered_map<SCCOLROW,SCCOLROW> ColRowReorderMapType;
+enum AreaOverlapType
+ AreaInside,
+ AreaPartialOverlap,
+ OneRowInsideArea,
+ OneColumnInsideArea