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Resolves: tdf#88792 do not hold a ScFormulaCell** in group area listener
... as the mdds storage segment may change when a formula cell is inserted at a position such that two segments are merged into a new one. Change-Id: I449a89005418aff7ea12099ea931b786959dbc3b
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diff --git a/sc/inc/column.hxx b/sc/inc/column.hxx
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--- a/sc/inc/column.hxx
+++ b/sc/inc/column.hxx
@@ -361,6 +361,7 @@ public:
void GetFormula( SCROW nRow, OUString& rFormula ) const;
const ScFormulaCell* GetFormulaCell( SCROW nRow ) const;
ScFormulaCell* GetFormulaCell( SCROW nRow );
+ ScFormulaCell * const * GetFormulaCellBlockAddress( SCROW nRow ) const;
CellType GetCellType( SCROW nRow ) const;
SCSIZE GetCellCount() const;
sal_uInt32 GetWeightedCount() const;